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Check out our weekly specials! 

On until July 29th.

Jumbo Coffee Pods (56/pkg)
Reg: $13.99 Sale: $9.99

Conimex Mie Noodles
Reg: $5.49 Sale: $4.99

Conimex Nasi & Bami
Reg: $2.49 Sales: $2.19

Conimex 1L Ketjap Manis
Reg: $13.99 Sales: $11.99

Reg: $3.49 Sales: $2.99

Saturday Only Specials for July 22nd!

Smoked Brisket only $19.99 / kg
Beef Jerky Pkgs (100 gr) Only $5.00 each
Droste fPastilles Only $2.49 each
Burgers (10lb box, 4oz each) Only $50 / box